Top 20 NuGet fsharp Packages

.NET Core compatible version of the fsharp compiler fsc.exe. Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (netstandard1.6)
.NET Core compatible version of the F# compiler fsc.exe. Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (.netstandard2.0). Commit hash: 7f10e5b7082fe6e9c50e6b40282575572a26ca31.
Contains a modified F# interactive and compiler that allows for programmatic access rather than a stream based mechanism.
A Compositional, Safe Query Framework for Dynamic F# Queries
The COM Type Provider provides a new way to do COM interop from F#. It allows you to access COM components directly from F# projects and scripts without adding any references other than the type provider itself.
The DocumentDb Type Provider provides easy access to databases, collections and documents within an Azure DocumentDb account
VsTemplar generates Visual Studio project template from provided projects: *.csproj, *.fsproj etc. Generated .zip file contains .vstemplate file(s) and project(s) content of included projects. It can be further used in .vsix template generation.
uhura does the thing!
Frozen portable profiles
JavaScript library built with Fable + FSharp
EDN does the thing!
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Windows specific helpers requiring the full .NetFramework
Library that contains facilities to compute k-folds for cross-validation.
Template for scaffolding Elmish component.
Re-usable and immutable AStar Search implementation
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