Top 20 NuGet fsharp Packages

A simple "stateless" finite-state machine library for .NET.
A generalized parser combinator based off of fparsec. ParsecClone works on strings as well as binary files (with bit level parsing)
Ports of useful haskell functions such as lines, unlines, tranpose, intercalate, words, unwords
F# extension for Nancy
The FSharp.Data.Experimental.XenomorphProvider type provider provides a strongly typed embedding of financial data from Xenomorph.TimeScape
Java Type Provider
3rd party tools
An asynchronous calculation framework for MVVM Models
Type providers for Dynamics NAV access.
openSRP is a F# implementation of Secure Remote Password protocol.
Type provider to statically expose reflection information. E.g. verified at compile time and intellisense enabled Methods.System.Console.``WriteLine : string -> unit`` rather than verified at runtime typeof<System.Console>.GetMethod("WriteLine", [| typeof<string> |])
A computation expression inspired by on railway programming
Generative type provider that simplifies using micro-ORMs (e.g. Dapper, etc.) by generating types mapped to tables.
printIt and printAs for dotnet Fiddling
A simple JSON parser targeted specifically for F#. The parsed data is based on F# discriminated unions, and support construction of F# record types.
FsAttoparsec is A port of Bryan O'Sullivan's attoparsec from Haskell to F#.
Type provider for
Interactivly explore query your Hive database
DEPRECATED: Please use FSharp.Azure.Storage instead. A library that provides an idiomatic F# API for Microsoft Azure services.
Type-safe access to mime types and mappings from their file extensions.