Top 20 NuGet fsharp Packages

.NET Core compatible version of the fsharp core library FSharp.Core.dll Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (netstandard1.6)
Toastr integration with Fable, implemented as Elmish commands
Fracture is an F# based socket implementation for high-speed, high-throughput applications. It is built on top of SocketAsyncEventArgs, which minimises the memory fragmentation common in the IAsyncResult pattern.
This is the F# PowerPack.Linq library, based on the F# PowerPack code drop under the OSS approved Apache 2.0 license from
DEPRECATED - Please use FSharp.Control.Reactive instead
Simple CQRS on F# (F-Sharp) 3.0 Based on Greg Young's Simple CQRS example. CQRS is Command and Query Responsibility Segregation -pattern. This is F# solution.
The function of this application is to get Stock Quote Data and Historical Stock Prices from Yahoo Finance This is technical demo to apply F-Sharp (F#) language in real world application. This application is close to real world enterprise application (with very optimal solutions, at least in 2011)...
Fog brings the cloud down to earth and harnesses it with F#. It makes interaction with the Azure .NET SDK easier.
Bumblebee is an Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm developed in F#. The algorithm is a randomized search method that mimics the behavior of bee hives: it dispatches "bees" to search for new solutions or explore the neighborhood of known solutions, and allocates new searches based on the quality o...
F# (FSharp) based Windows Phone 7.5 software to answer the simple question: Where am I?
Silverlight 5 Chat, Full-duplex Publish-Subscribe -pattern on TCPIP concept demo (WCF F# and SL F#)
An agent framework in F#
F# Excel interop pakcage.
FSharp Web Crawler
FSharp Statistics Library
Fast and dependency-free XML serializer for .NET written in F#
F# DB Access Library
Silent utilities to make the official MongoDB driver feel natural to work with in F#
Example of SignalR with F-Sharp (and Silverlight 5 or Javascript): - SignalR is a library (for web-based Publish/Subscribe -pattern) on top of WebSockets, which is HTML5 API that enables bi-directional communication between the browser and server. SignalR will fallback to other techniques and...