Top 20 NuGet commandline Packages

PSWebApi is a simple library for turning PowerShell Scripts or batch/executable files into ASP.NET Web APIs (RESTful Services) out of the box. See details in
A lightweight dependency injection container for .NET Core command line applications
Utilities to display tabulated data in a .Net Core command line application
NClap is a .NET library for parsing command-line arguments and building interactive command shells. It's driven by a declarative attribute syntax, and easy to extend.
A basic, quick and easy to use command line flags and options library.
Library for running database scripts across different evnironments for easier DevOps
Juhta.Net.Console contains classes that help building console applications. This library is a part of Juhta.NET.
Easy access to commandline arguments via ConfigurationProvider
The Clux library is intended to help C# developers provide a rich, detailed command-line user-experience with minimal effort
Topshelf.CommandLineOptions provides extension to use CommandLine options when installing and launching apps build using Topshelf.
SmartCon is a small collection of console tools for .NET. Offers processing of commandline arguments with different flavours of commandline switches.
Plisky Unit Testing Support, TestData TestSupport and Test File Handling.
Injected dependency for retrieve properties passed via command line or environment
Command line parser with support for tokenizing, switches and attribute based arguments classes
An easy to use and flexible command line argument handler, which helps to keep the inner structure of your console application clean. If you´ve struggled with other solutions caused by lack of support for dependency injection or expandability in general, this project is for you. The project is writt...
CmdR is a simple command routing framework for console applications, giving you a simple way of routing commands to an Action which will perform your apps logic. This helps introduce a separation between your apps logic and the code to drive the input-parse-execute loop. CmdR works as a simple inpu...
C# library to run external programs in a saner manner
Provides Methods and Attributes to simple build command line like cmd.
Theta is a shell engine for building command line applications providing an easy to use API, advanced command line parsing, and a rich flexible feature set.
C# library for calling executable files