Top 20 NuGet commandline Packages

A series of utilities. The documentation can be found on AssembliesManager: Load asssemblies, seek for types and interfaces CommandLineParser: Parse command line and environment variables for an easy usage Crontab: A timer based cront...
Read and resolve Commandline parameters
FSharp.CLI provides functions for parsing command-line-arguments using F# record-types
Helper library for parsing, validating and processing command line arguments for .NET
The command line parser prepeares the arguments to named and unnamed arguments
Make a console app work as an self-installable interactive WindowsService with debug mode and commands
A rich and elegant library for parameter-parsing that supports various syntaxes and flavors.
An event-driven library for building line-art user interfaces in C#/.Net command-line applications.
A callback-based program option parser for C#. See the documenation at and some examples in the code and under the OptionSet topic at
Console Shell for .Net
Command line tools for publishing feature files to Augurk.
Simple .NET Commandline Parser that generates a generic object instance from the given arguments
Command Line tools for C#
PCL to process command line arguments.
A commandline arguments parser library
Provides a range of functionalities for creating command line applications using the .NET framework.
MuiDB conversion commandline tool
Utilities for parsing and executing commands from a command line.
Helper tool for building quick console applications.