Top 20 NuGet commandline Packages

Package Description
Command-line parsing API and utilities for console applications.
Isop is a library to help simplify and structure command line apps.
Finds all C# projects in a directory, and displays them in dependency order.
A simple component to mock command line interface(CLI) for ASP.NET Core 3.x Blazor applications to execute some custom commands for an application. Within ICommand interface it is possible to implement any custom business related commands for Blazor.Console Example scenarios; - Clea...
Use POSIX style command line options and map to Microsoft configuration builders.
Integrate Mono.Options into the dotnet core configuration builders.
An extensible replacement for the CommandLineProvider fixing the wacky multiple argument notation and bringing together some widely used command line parser and the modern extensible configuration world of dotnet core.
Integrate CommandLineUtils into the dotnet core configuration builders.
Conzole is a collection of static helper functions to simplify data display and input from the command line in DotNet Core.
Commandline parallel deployment tool for service fabric.
Command line configuration provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.