Top 20 NuGet commandline Packages

The core helper project to allow parameters to be passed in and verified on a console application.
Easily manage configuration within your .net application
Allows to create rich command line interface.
Jagged Command Line Interface Artefacts
This Configuration Reader simplify the multiple configuration saved in the Windows Registry, sent by Command Line, included in App.Config or recorded in a database table.
A cross-platform command line management system.
This package is deprecated please use this one instead
Yet another command line parsing library
CommandLine Parsing Library for .Net
Lexing of command lines in Windows (exe and arguments)
Package Description
Package Description
Parse application command line
Generic extensible command line parser.
Package Description
Theta is a shell engine for building command line applications providing an easy to use API, advanced command line parsing, and a rich flexible feature set.
A simple command line parser
Automatically provides an excellent command line interface to your existing .NET classes
loads ini, xml configuration files and command line configurations