Top 20 NuGet commandline Packages

Command line application utility package. Provides API for parsing and binding command line arguments to .NET methods.
Terse syntax C# command line parser for .NET with F# support. The Command Line Parser Library offers to CLR applications a clean and concise API for manipulating command line arguments and related tasks.
Package Description
A commandline parser supporting direct method calls taking as input an unlimited number of primitive and complex-type parameters
A C# .NET Class Library containing tools for parsing the command line arguments of console applications.
FluentValidations extension for CommandLineParser.Core
Package Description
TeGun (NuGet reversed) is a simple, yet handy cross-platform(.netcore) commandline-utility for creating nuget packages (nupkg) from a bunch of ordinary, unpackaged assemblies.
Command argument processing for .NET
Provides the infrastructure for console applications based on Kephas Framework. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - ConsoleAppShutdownAwaiter. Kephas Framework ("stone" in aramaic) aims to deliver a solid infrastructure for applications and ap...
Useful POSIX command line arguments parser for .Net. Hierarchical-configuration Store for app.
Helper classes for command line app
Cauldron.Consoles is a Cauldron.Core based parameter parser which supports grouping of parameters in execution groups. It is also supports localization and has a nice parameter table :) Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
NClap is a .NET library for parsing command-line arguments and building interactive command shells. It's driven by a declarative attribute syntax, and easy to extend.
Lightweight version of Cocona. Micro-framework for .NET Core console application. Cocona makes it easy and fast to build console applications on .NET Core.
Simpler than other Config Providers, access settings by SimplerConfig.Config.Instance["key:subkey"]
==DEPRECATED== Source moved/split into several repositories/packages: ...
Isop is a library to help simplify and structure command line apps.
Parse and escape command lines
Simple attribute based command line parser.