Top 20 NuGet await Packages

Introduces IAsyncEnumerable, IAsyncEnumerator, ForEachAsync(), and ParallelForEachAsync() GitHub: PROBLEM SPACE Helps to (a) create an element provider, where producing an element can take a lot of time due to dependency on other asynchronous events (e.g. ...
A helper library for the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
When using dependency injection and async-await pattern it is possible to end up with an interface with a method that returns a Task. If this interface method is used in a synchronous method there is a likelihood that it will erroneously be run as a fire and forget method. In this situation this ana...
Gear for making components.
Async Extensions for ICommand Includes AsyncCommand and IAsyncCommand which allows ICommand to safely be used asynchronously with Task. Includes AsyncValueCommand and IAsyncValueCommand which allows ICommand to safely be used asynchronously with ValueTask
Checks for `ConfigureAwait(false)` usage. More info: * * *
Task Extensions for System.Threading.Tasks Includes extension methods to safely fire-and-forget a Task and/or a ValueTask Includes WeakEventManger which avoids memory leaks when events are not unsubscribed
Async-friendly format for stack traces and exceptions
Simple library with helpful classes/functions that make it easier to work with tasks and async/await. (SequentialTaskRunner, CancelableTaskRunner, AsyncLock, ...)
A .NET library that provides a variety of reusable functionality, including packed integers (PackedInt16, PackedInt32, and PackedInt64), guard methods, various extension methods, and classes related to the Task Parallel Library (AsyncLazy, AsyncLock, AsyncAutoResetEvent, and AsyncManualResetEvent).
A lightweight HTTP compliant web server written in C# with full async/await implementation
Binaries for the AsyncBridge library. Visit for an overview and usage examples.
[.NET 4.6.1+] - DisposableObservable: a class for creating Observable sequences with TPL easily as Observable.Create - [IObservable].Serialize: wrap all subscriptions into a single ISubject against the sourcing observable - [IObservable].AsAsync: execute all functions on TPL - [IObservable].Fork: a...
A helper library for the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
Enable using the new Value Tuple structure to write elegant code that allows async methods to be fired in parallel despite having different return types var (result1, result2) = await (GetStringAsync(), GetGuidAsync()); Based on the work of Joseph Musser
Non-blocking, fast and lightweight async/await-able lock
A commandline host for Ceen.Httpd
This package enables Visual Studio 2012 projects to use the new 'async' and 'await' keywords. This package also includes Task-based extension methods that allow using some of the existing asynchronous APIs with the new language keywords. Windows Phone Silverlight 8 projects can use this package to g...
C# LINQ Async extension methods library for async/await task.
Model-View-Controller package for Ceen.Httpd