Top 20 NuGet async Packages

A library for implementing the Command Pattern, providing of a set of base classes and an invoker class. Useful for abstracting data access and API calls as either queries (for read operations) or commands (for write operations).
Post async work Dispatcher support three work mode Parallel,Sequenced,ParallelLimit Parallel -> all tasks are called in parallel Sequenced -> all tasks are called sequentially ParallelLimit -> all tasks are called in parallel with the restriction on the number of threads
Package Description
AsyncResult and Result computation expressions and helper functions for error handling in F#.
KVLite is a partition-based key-value cache built for SQL RDBMSs. This package contains Polly cache providers (both sync and async). For example, you can easily plug your Polly cache policy to KVLite SQL drivers.
EzNetworking - A simple to use tcp server / client library
Winforms long operation indicator.
A simple helper to perform async application initialization in ASP.NET Core 2.0 or higher.
Cross Platform C# REST Client Samples and Info: - Open Source. (MIT License) - Markup language agnostic. (Supports JSON, Binary, SOAP and other markup languages) - Use strong types with REST. - Supports Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Phone...
F# Async workflow <--> .NET Task easy seamless interoperability library.
Stop copying and pasting code in order to support Async/Await! Shaolinq.AsyncRewriter generates async methods from your sync methods using Roslyn. AsyncRewriter is used extensively by the Shaolinq ORM/LINQ project.
Package Description
Model-View-Controller package for Ceen.Httpd
The Connection-Based Asynchronous Messaging (CBAM) SQL.PostgreSQL.Implementation assembly provides implementation and API in order to create connection pools which can create connections to PostgreSQL database backend. A good starting point is PgSQLConnectionPool class.
LINQ-like fluent extension methods for Bogosoft's async collections.
Login and security package for Ceen.Httpd
Provides skeleton implementation and ready solution for typical connection factory class operating on (network) stream..
Native socket library in C#
Provides custom Reactive Extensions Related types and helpers.
MessagePack serializer for CachingFramework.Redis, a distributed caching based on StackExchange.Redis and Redis. Includes support for all redis data types, tagging mechanism, cache invalidation, PubSub, GeoSpatial indexes, HyperLogLog and is cluster-compatible.