LiteX Storage Amazon S3 NuGet Package

This client library enables working with the Amazon S3 service for storing binary/blob/object data.
A very simple Wrapper for the Amazon S3 to handle bucket instantiations.
A library to abstract storing files to Amazon S3.
Wrapper library is just written for the purpose to bring a new level of ease to the developers who deal with AmazonS3 integration with your system.

LiteXStorage is simple yet powerful and very high-performance storage mechanism and incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous usage with some advanced usages of cloud storage which can help us to handle storage more easier!
Provide Storage service for any type of application (.NET 5, .NET Core, .NET Standard).
Very simple yet advanced configuration.

Minimal (one line) code configuration is required.
It provides possibility to upload files, upload the content of a folder inclusively subfolders, enumerate buckets/container, enumerate the content of a specific 'subfolder', delete buckets/container and delete files from specific subfolders.

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Version: 9.0.0
Author(s): Ashish Patel
Last Update: Sunday, April 3, 2022
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Install-Package LiteX.Storage.Amazon
dotnet add package LiteX.Storage.Amazon
paket add LiteX.Storage.Amazon
LiteX.Storage.Amazon Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)