Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MonoGame.Framework.WindowsDX

Total dependencies: 85

MonoGame library for menus and game state management
MonoGame library to simplify drawing normal-mapped images
Easily manage the window resolution of an MonoGame project
Helper classes for wrapping up input from different devices.
Manage tap points on a touchscreen game in MonoGame
MonoGame library for audio management
Some handy Monogame timer objects that can be used for time effects like hiererchical time, slowdown, speedup, hitpause, etc.
2d camera for MonoGame
A very simple particle engine for Monogame projects
Adds support for using the entity-component-system with the MonoGame framework.
Adds generalm functionality to the MonoGame framework.
A MonoGame lib for sharing gameplay on social media
A MonoGame lib for sharing things on social media
Library for popping up little particle effect whenever the user taps the screen in a MonoGame project
MonoGame integration with WPF. This package provides the D3D11Host from the MonoGame WpfInteropSample. It extends it with WpfGame, WpfMouse and WpfKeyboard and makes it actually usable in any WPF application.
A MonoGame component for doing simple mouse interaction
Input Handling library for MonoGame
MonoGame library for taking screenshots and exporting gameplay to an animated gif
MonoGame library for making little flashcard games
Quick library for helping to read in content from xml files