Top 20 NuGet Security Packages

Provides easy config encryption using AES
Allows Configureoo to load keys from environment variables
Enables Configureoo to work with Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration
Provides easy config encryption using AES
# Configureoo ## Building To build Configureoo, just open Configureoo.sln and hit build. ## What does it do? As the DevOps community move towards source control as the single source of truth for storing code, infrastructure and configuration some teams will face resistance due to security conc...
This is a common framework for all applications
.NET Standard 2.0 implementation of HMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function, defined in RFC 5869
The mime detector for files (e.g. png, gif, jpeg, rtf, pdf, docx, zip, rar,...).
Adding scaling factor option
Provides security and cryptographic services
Contains all subassemblies under the Nourco.Security namespace
it adds Owasp Recommended Headers
Security Library for NHibernate
Hawk Http Authentication
A collection of nuget console power shell extensions to work with Local STS
A security package to allow an attribute to be set on controller methods to allow debugging over non SSL connections locally, but ensuring when the code goes to a live environment SSL connections are required.
The SInc Security Library for .NET provides minimal, lightweight abstract and concret security classes, including functionality for claims-based security and user sessions, and a robust encryption wrapper for hashing, symmetric, and asymmetric encryption and decryption.
Ensues.Security provides a password algorithm that stores information about how the password was hashed in the encoded hash itself. No additional information is needed to compare a plain-text password to its computation. Storing this information in the same string as the password hash a...
Utility classes for working with X509 certificates.
Provides ability to encrypt and sign data with key rotation support for up to 16 concurrent keys through the DataProtector class. This lib also exposes AES256-CBC, SHA256, HMAC-SHA256, PBKDF2-SHA256, and KDF-SHA256 algorithms implemented in native code for performance reasons.