Top 20 NuGet Security Packages

Authenticates service requests using Windows Identity Foundation and SimpleWebToken (wif.swf). Due to WebApi requirement for ASP.NET it also suppresses Forms Redirect by leveraging aspnet.suppressformsredirect Package.
(Binary Version of the NetFx.) Adds the required source code and Web.config changes to support SWT tokens. Just configure SWT token format in Azure ACS/STS, and add your SwtSigningKey value to the Web.config! Requires: and
OAuth 2 Provider
TwitterOAuth an OAuth library that provides the basic functions required for authorization.
Use this package with ASP .NET in order to authenticate your users with Singly. By default singly access_token will be placed in the session with this name "singly_accesstoken". But since this NuGet package is just source code you can modify that and store it somewhere else (like a cookie if using S...
"Awesomely" is personal library written in C#. It's like the Batman's utility belt in C# ! You can think of it as bunch of helpers, functions, code to help us out in our daily development.
A set of simple and useful libraries for using the Twitter REST API.
A library containing OAuth server providers and utilities for OWIN using JWT.
Adds custom configuration section for OAuth providers for OWIN to use with ASP.NET
OAuth library written in F# with KISS principle in mind so it is simple stupid.
Provides an embedded browser for OAuth login to LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter from Windows Forms applications.
A library that provides a UI for OAuth authentication on desktop and mobile platforms.
Tools to connect to external components via http
Handler for ACS-emitted OAuth2 Bearer tokens.
Adds controller and view to mvc application for logging into LinkedIn using DotNetOpenAuth
A port of the SL.Phone.Federation library from the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, improved with better databinding support. Includes working versions for WPF 4 only. Silverlight 4, WP7 and WP7.1 support coming in next version. Changes since 0.9: - Refactoring of the control properties t...
Allow users login to your site with bunch of open id and oauth services. The very first version (Beta). Works with Facebook, Twitter, Google, VKontakte and variety of open id providers. Supported MVC versions : 3, 4
OAuth Library based on Reactive Extensions for Windows Phone 7.