Top 20 NuGet Security Packages

This package contains the main assembly for the Azure Authentication Library (AAL). AAL provides easy to use authentication functionality for your Windows Store apps by taking advantage of Windows Azure Active Directory.
The library supports the following authentication mechanisms: - Plain - Cram-Md5 - NTLM - NTLMv2 - OAuth - OAuth 2.0 - Digest-Md5 - Scram-Sha-1 - SRP Custom SASL Security Providers can be implemented through a simple plugin mechanism.
Enable CORS Authentication for a WebAPI project
A lightweight library for OAuth2 authentication. Built inn support only for Facebook yet, but available functionality to add custom providers.
Tokenhelper and associated classes for SharePoint Online that supports Dependency Injection.
The C# implementation of the Escher library.
Owin middleware that authenticates incoming requests with EscherAuth.
This is my First NuGet package for .NET, This is a piece of code i actually lifted from The Awesome People over at CrackStation I strongly suggest you check out that guide (Guide link is in the Github Repo) if you're new to Cryptography or have never build an authentication system before. To be Ve...
Simple console app to send email via smtp. For use with Azure continuous deployment.
The SAPIA project provides a standard .NET based HTTP module for web and application servers, which provide the first protection gate for all the application endpoints that protected by it. This project consist of both server-side and client-side functionality. The server side performs the authentic...
Bearer Authentication for website users.
Bearer Authentication Base Types.
Bearer Authentication for external OAuth services.
Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4.
Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4 Mvc 5
Backport of Asp.Net core's policy based authorization to Asp.Net 4 WebApi 2
Middleware that enables an application to support the LINE Web Login authentication workflows.
Simple CRUD application using AngularJS, Bootstrap and MVC
OnTag Authentication Service Client
A Service Stack Auth provider that authenticates using a JWT and Auth0.