Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

A NCommon container adapter for Unity
NCommon data adapter for Db4o
NCommon data adapter for Entity Framework
A NCommon container adapter for Autofac
An ActiveRecord pattern implementation for POCOs using NHibernate with emphasize on testability.
Entity Framework's Code First implementation of the Juanagui.Common.Repositories package's IRepository interface.
Simple assembly to suppress logging for NHibernate which helps with query speed execution. Since NH is doing all the work on creating logging messages to log, some of that work affects the execution of the query for your model. This pkg suppresses the creation of said messages and thus giving you ...
HaterAide is a simple ORM that contains a number of features including automatic schema updates to a database based on the object mappings, stored procedure based calls and generation, etc.
A forked version of Massive (by @robconery) compatible with MySql.
This library allows developers to Create, Update, and Delete database schemas based on their hibernate.cfg.xml and *.hmb.xml entity mapping files, and Fluent Mappings stored on project assemblies.
Dino extension for EntityFramework
FSRepository provides a quick way of creating a repository in an F# project that uses EntityFramework code first for data access.
MonkeyOrm is a small, powerful SQL-based ORM for .NET. Website: . Source code: Some of MonkeyOrm features and design choices: * Doesn’t pollute your code: no base classes to inherit from, no attributes and no xml config. * Easy to ado...
implementation of IRepository, IUnitOfWork with EntityFramework.
A base class for storing settings.
A project containing helper classes for testing the code which uses the MicroLite ORM Framework.
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
Embedded web NHibernate console for NHibernate 2
Embedded web NHibernate console for NHibernate 3
Grapes it is an utility library which takes care of mapping tree-like data structures into database.