Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

caching strategies with repository pattern for EF
Fast, Simple, Typed table reader for SAP
Unit Of Work pattern over Entity Framework
caching strategies with repository pattern for EF
EF Count Repository
Derafsh is an object-relational mapper that enables .NET developers to read or write operations in single statements. You can easily read a complex object from (or write to) multiple related tables at SQL Server database.
A lightweight Postgres ORM for .Net Core.
Simple but DI-aware and extensible repository for EF DbContext
Couchbase second level Cache provider for NHibernate
Entity Framework Second Level Caching Library.
Package Description
Package Description
An AutoFixture customization that lazy-loads navigation properties on Entity Framework objects. See for the port to .Net Standard
QueryBuilder API built on top of NHibernate IQueryOver to enable uses of aliases outside of their scope and bring ease of creating reusable queries.
Jc.Core .net 开源Orm框架
My simple ORM
Lightweight code-first ORM made with Dapper, targeting MySql
No-frills SQLite interface
Enables the usage of NodaTime types with NHibernate