Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

青客.Net Repository.EF
Entity Framework Core Extensions (EFCE) provides extension methods to help build entities through Entity Framework Core.
A library to help encapsulate linq queries
A package that implements Auditing for Entity Framework Core based DbContexts. It is extensible to allow other logging providers like MongoDB, Azure tables etc. Just inherit AuditingDbContext from your application's DbContext and use the overloaded SaveChange(string userName) instead of the standard...
Bulk operations for Entity Framework
Providers access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA via EntityFramwork and LINQ.
EF Core - Generic Repository
A set of extensions for entity framework classess providing useful functionality, such as update or delete methods for EF Queries, as well as some utility extensions.
Entity Framework extenstions library (Bulk processing and Meta helpers)
T4 templates for generating repositories with NecroNetToolkit.
InMemory extensions for FluentModelBuilder
A library that extends the functionality of Entity Framework 6.1 by adding batch update, future queries and audit logs.
Early preview of some testing helpers for Entity Framework.
This is a repository pattern for Entity Framework (EF) Core.
Extension, to translate DATEDIFF to SQL Server (Server / Client Eval)
Entity Find Repository
EF Update Repository
Unit Of Work pattern over Entity Framework
Cosmos SQL API provider for Entity Framework Core. This package was built from the source at:
Simple assembly to suppress logging for NHibernate which helps with query speed execution. Since NH is doing all the work on creating logging messages to log, some of that work affects the execution of the query for your model. This pkg suppresses the creation of said messages and thus giving you ...