Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

This library allows developers to Create, Update, and Delete database schemas based on their hibernate.cfg.xml and *.hmb.xml entity mapping files, and Fluent Mappings stored on project assemblies.
A NCommon container adapter for Ninject
A NCommon container adapter for StructureMap
A NCommon container adapter for Unity
NCommon data adapter for Db4o
NCommon data adapter for Entity Framework
NCommon extensions for ASP.Net MVC
A NCommon container adapter for Autofac
FSRepository provides a quick way of creating a repository in an F# project that uses EntityFramework code first for data access.
Adds SQL statements generated by NHibernate to the Glimpse SQL tab.
A basic wrapper for ADO.NET that uses DbProvider Factories, and a basic OR/M. For a quickstart visit
Firehawk is a library that helps you to configure NHibernate mapping by code conventions in a fluent and comprehensible way, providing the most standard SQL naming conventions and enabling you to create custom naming conventions.
A Micro-ORM for Apache Cassandra.
A library that extends the functionality of Entity Framework 6 by adding batch update, future queries and audit logs.
A scalable way of composing EntityFramework type configuration classes using MEF.
Tool to add INotifyPropertyChanged support to NHibernate's proxies, enabling their usage with WPF for example.
Provides Vertica 7 integration with NHibernate.
Extends NHibernate's high-low key table to provide indexes per entity. Compatible with Firebird, SQLite, SQL Server 2000-2012, SQL Server CE, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
A lightweight CRUD wrapper for the Dapper Micro-ORM.
MongoCamp for MongoDB ORM Tools (based on the official driver)