Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Generates a markdown report from tests.
Free .NET HTML parser (C#) is an open source high-performance .NET C# module that was created to parse HTML for links, indexing and other purposes.
Easily create compliant (x)html markup with a fluent interface.
Windows 8 Metro Style Spinner animation by pure HTML5/CSS3, no image is required. JS and CSS are extracted and unminified from Microsoft official site.
MagneticPdf offers a reliable, multi-threaded html to pdf conversion. Capable of converting HTML from strings, files, streams, and URLs, MagneticPdf enables you to easily transform web based content to high-quality, standards-compliant PDF output. The MagneticPdf SDK offers full support for HTML t...
This is a regex based sanitizer which will skip html tags.
My package description.
Rtf To Html Using Devexpress
A fast HTML Parser using an event-based system (similar to XML-SAX parsers).
A TypeScript fork of HtmlDiff, a library that allows diffing HTML files to output rich HTML text.
Domain Html Shema
A handy helper to make it easier to use CsQuery to parse HTML.
Generic picker component for HTML5 and JavaScript®/TypeScript.
Library to many html helpers
Package description
This is a color translator to convert HTML color identifiers to ARGB values, a stand in for System.Drawing.ColorTranslator in the .NET framework.
SgmlReader is a .NET library that is handy for converting SGML content (like HTML and OFX) into well formed XML via XmlReader, XmlDocument, XDocument or XPathDocument. It runs on Windows and Linux using Mono.