Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Async extensions based on EntityFramework for MR.AspNet.Paging.
Data Access Layer Core over EntityFrameworkCore for MicroNetCore.
Entity Framework Core implementation for Service layer
Entity Framework Core implementation for pagination
Entity Framework implementation of Data layer
The CData HarperDB Data Provider allows you to use SQL to access data from a HarperDB database.
Early preview of some testing helpers for using Moq with Entity Framework.
EntityFrameworkTestable provides wrappers around EF class to make them more testable. Add this NuGet package (EntityFrameworkTestable.Testing) to your test assemblies. Add package EntityFrameworkTestable to your non-test assemblies which require EntityFramework.
An Automaty based generator for Entity Framework Core repositories. Creates strongly typed repositories based on the IModel of your context.
Ventura SQL is an integrated solution for retrieving and updating SQL Server data in a genuine 3-tier architecture at record performance. Ventura SQL is the hyper productive alternative for the Entity Framework/Web service combination. The client runtime for .Net Standard works with .Net Framework, ...
The CData SlicingDice Data Provider allows you to connect to SlicingDice using the REST API.
Custom Entity Foundation (CEF) is a high level customized entity library wirtten in C# .Net Core. CEF is with high flexible & business oriented abstract layer. It could be used in any .net project to serve as an entity service.
Package Description
A set of usefull extensions for EntityFrameworkCore (Dynamic data masking, MigrationBuilder and ModelBuilder extensions, etc)
Audit trail for EntityFramework Core
A library with additional functions to retrieve data for grids that use EntityFramework.
Persistance layer for stocks using Entity Framework Core. .NET Standard 2.0