Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

DapperContext is a DbContext-like implementation for Dapper, supporting the Unit Of Work pattern and simplifying usage with repository classes and IOC containers.
Dapper Extension
Dapper implementation of the RedRocket Persistence Framework
Simple SQLite/Dapper powered key store. This is still pre-alpha so be sure to check back for updates.
This package contains the Dapper.Accelr8 Domain component. It provides a means to include your domain in the repository framework and still keep a seperation of concerns between SQL, Repository, and Domain layers.
This package contains the Dapper.Accelr8 Domain component.
A collection of different packages for an automation suite. Please refer to the dependencies for their Owners. I in no way take ownership over their work.
Lite ORM framework based on Dapper and SQL Query Generation from ServiceStack/NServicekit
A lightweight library that extends Dapper.NET Micro-ORM
Dapper Repository
automation, performance, race and test extensions for dapper-net / dapper-js node project.
Dapper.Contrib.Ext add update ext ps:dapper net4.0 sourcecode changed
A extension for dapper.
TransactionHelper is disabled.
Toolkit containing useful controls and services for UWP applications.