Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

Markdown for DotNet
Parsing libraries such as csv and fuzzy matching
Fluent Defensive Programming
Package Description
Fluent validation for text content. Ensures that the content read from csv files or excel files is valid or provides maximum feedback if validation errors occur.
A simple, lightweight serialization facade for reading and writing CSV files to and from plain-old csharp objects.
Extension to SheetToObjects (Sheet to object mapper for Google Sheets, Excel, csv), which makes it easy to add SheetToObjects to the Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection services collection.
Adds extension methods to IEnumerables for easy serialization.
A small library to create file importers using a fluent syntax.
Simple dotnet core library contains to create/read xlsx/csv files in an easy way.
DSV (Delimiter-Separated Values) Parsing for .NET
Reading and writing CSV formatted files.
CsvHelper integration nodes for EtlLib: A simple ETL framework for .NET.
A 1 to 1 port of TextFieldParser for .NET Core.
Different utilities for exporting to CSV and HTML
Package Description
Cake Addin for working with CSV files using the CSVHelper library.
CSV Provider
Package Description
csv/tsv parser