Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

The GenericParser is a robust C# implementation of a parser for delimited and fixed width format files. It provides a variety of features (ex. custom delimiters, text qualifiers, loading/saving configuration from XML, and many more), performant, and thoroughly tested.
Package Description
Excel to CSV without Microsoft Office.
Utility to perform basic relational algebra on CSV files, including projection (select), restriction (where), rename, union, intersect, difference.
This is a library for Asp.Net Core that provides some generic interfaces, conversions, paging helpers, exporters, extensions, and tag helpers
Exports Collections of objects to CSV
My package description.
Rovecom DataTable extensions for converting an Enumerable to a DataTable and to export a DataTable to CSV or XML. Also allows for conversion from a CSV file to a DataTable.
A CSV parser
Package Description
CSV functions for Primero Systems projects.
Csv Read And Write Library
This module offers CSV file load/save features with error detection and data type retention.
Provides CSV support to the DataPipe platform. Reference this package if you need to read or write CSV file from a data pipe script
Simply save and load data in csv file.
My package description.
Library for loading csv, tsv or other regularly shaped files guess-separated-values.
AnyCSV - Process ANY delimited string.