Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

CSV to Object mapper for use with defined models and types. You define the model and then use the the csvFileReader to read the contents from a CSV file and it will produce a collection of your defined models for you
DEPRECATED! Please install package KBCsv instead.
The Software Botany Ivy project is a library containing various string utilities. Included in the library are fluent APIs for parsing and creating delimited and fixed width positional text.
Reading and writing CSV formatted files.
File parser and writer that works with Mere.
- Standardized format following RFC 4180 specification - Unix and Windows compatible - Unicode and escaped characters support - Serialization / deserialization to any .NET class
C# library for interacting with the CSV file format per RFC 4180
ActionResult for generating downloadable csv-files using CsvHelper
A repository pattern implementation for CSVs. I dont have any docs for this yet but the source is avaliable here:, if you would like some more info raise an issue and I will write some up.
CSV Praser
Провайдер, позволяющий выполнять запросы к CSV-файлам так, как если бы они были обычной базой данных. Поддерживается синтаксис SQL-запросов в стиле MySQL. Поддерживаемые ключевые конструкции: - SELECT - FROM/INNER JOIN/LEFT JOIN/RIGHT JOIN - WHERE - GROUP BY - HAVING - ORDER BY - LIMIT - агрегационн...
A set of media type formatters.
This is a Csv Reader and Writer Lib for .NET4.
This is a simple library to read and write CSV files. Simple means it doesn't have fancy mapping to DTOs or anything like that. It's main purpose is to read CSV to dictionaries or write dictionaries to CSV. But to do it correctly (i.e. not messing up when it encounters line breaks).
`CharpVitamins.Tabulation` provides helpers to create tabular data with little fuss i.e. Tab or comma separated values (`CsvDefinition`), or padded columns of plain text (via `PlainTextTable`).
Lightweight CSV files utilities - RFC 4180. DataTable to CSV. Object to CSV.
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