Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

A simple SpecFlow plugin for loading examples from csv
Library for importing GovDelivery subscribers from a .csv file. Sub-project of CityOfNewOrleans.GovDeliveryApiService.
This library can convert an excel file to csv.
Destination for FakerOfData which serializes fake data to a TextWriter.
Model attribute support for excel, csv reader
SDK do Softmake All (pacote principal). Este pacote contém algumas funcionalidades de apoio ao desenvolvimento de módulos para o Softmake All. Principais funcionalidades implementadas: - Consumo de serviços REST - Compressão de arquivos em memória - Escrita e Leitura de arquivos com tamanho de colu...
Simple CSV parsing tool, to convert a csv file into a 2 dimension array as rows and columns for easy enumerating.
FlightRecorder Data Exchange Tools
Simple tool for reading and writing .csv files.
Excel Tools Dependency Injection
It's a Class Library created with .NET Standard to facilitate the creation of files and reading
Fluent Defensive Programming
Text-oriented functions for working with CSVs, clearing XML tags, Diacritics, a GridOutputBuilder (for outputting lines of output in aligned columns), and so forth.
The F# Data library (FSharp.Data.dll) implements everything you need to access data in your F# applications and scripts. It implements F# type providers for working with structured file formats (CSV, HTML, JSON and XML) and for accessing the WorldBank data. It also includes helpers for parsing CSV, ...
A simple .NET Standard 2.0 library to convert CSV data to AVRO files, when accompanied by a known schema that describes the field names and data types in the source CSV data.
Statiq is a configurable static content generation framework. This library provides support for importing and exporting CSV and Excel files.
This package provides the function to save database tables before and after changes as CSV, JSON and Excel files. It's designed for the purpose to automatically generate evidence files in unit-tests.
Contracts and implementations for working with CSV data readers and writers.
C# Bindings for Mike Penz's Android Iconics library. This package provides Android views that can be used in XML layouts, as well as in the code.
Serialize and deserialize easly from and to CSV.