Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

CSV to Object mapper for use with defined models and types. You define the model and then use the the csvFileReader to read the contents from a CSV file and it will produce a collection of your defined models for you
Adds file support for TestData.Interface. Source is here -
A library that makes it easy to import csv files data
Soarus Parser for CSV feed files.
Efficient way to move generic lists in and out of CSV files.
A simple .NET Library for CSV-File access.
Customizable null values, text qualifiers and field delimiters. Fields are read as strings and types have to be handled by the programmer. Allows for variable column counts throughout the stream, both while reading and writing.
Classes to read and write “.csv” files including reading or appending a single field or row at a time.
Lightweight CSV Parser
Cake Addin for working with CSV files using the CSVHelper library.
.NET library for reading and writing CSV files.
DSharp CSV Helper With this package you can write attributes above your class like: [CsvDelimiter("|")] and above fields: [CsvFormat("yyyyMMdd")] [CsvLength(8)] [CsvFormat("0.00")] [CsvIgnore] Afterwards you can write it: var writer = new Csv...
Library for loading csv, tsv or other regularly shaped files guess-separated-values.
AnyCSV - Process ANY delimited string.
The CSV specifies which files you need to enable or disable to configure each server type, such as content delivery or content management servers. Source -
An addon library for JoshuaKearney.Measurements that provides converters for the CSVHelper library
CSV-Dateien einlesen und schreiben.
A simple CSV parser.