Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Empties data from any specified table and dependent tables.
The library implements recorder and player of HTTP requests. When recording, a request to a remote service and its live response are serialized to JSON and saved to a file (cassette), so that next time the same request is made through the player it can be served with the previously recorded response...
A small set of utilities that help with unit and integration testing
Easy-to-use toolset for building Web UI automation and testing code. It provides an easy way to build Page Objects without needing to know much about Selenium.
Helper classes to test components using Kralizek.Assembla.Connector.
A library for verifying HTTP calls, mocked with HttpMock
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Very Simple Dependency Injection
Client and Contracts for Gravity API. FREE register at "" in order to be able to use Gravity API
Automatic test subject mocking using Moq.
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Extension methods to use with Selenium
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Model-based testing for .Net including C# and F#.
Unlocks types and methods loaded into a managed process for dynamic overriding (mocking)
Expose monitoring tests and sensors via HTTP for health monitoring, testing in production, integration testing, functionality testing, and smoke testing.
I provide Selenium webdriver support for UiMatic.
I create page models for writing maintainable automated UI tests. This is the core project used in the web driver implementations. You require a webdriver like UiMatic.SeleniumWebDriver.
NetBash Commands for abSee A/B Testing library
Toolkit to make automated testing of applications with the Windows Automation APIs easier. Includes a Fluent Automation API.