NuGet Packages By Dependencies

Newtonsoft.Json icon

Json.NET [10541 dependencies]

Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
NETStandard.Library icon

NETStandard.Library [6927 dependencies]

A set of standard .NET APIs that are prescribed to be used and supported together. d318b764a689cfe285d8484bda918646905664e7 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
EntityFramework icon

EntityFramework [3811 dependencies]

Entity Framework is Microsoft's recommended data access technology for new applications.
log4net icon

Apache log4net [1666 dependencies]

log4net is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. In case of problems with an application, it is helpful to enable logging so that the problem can be located. With log4net it is possible to enable logging at runtime without modifying the application binar...
Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc icon

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC [1542 dependencies]

This package contains the runtime assemblies for ASP.NET MVC. ASP.NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over markup.
jQuery icon

jQuery [1291 dependencies]

jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript Library. jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. NOTE: This...
Microsoft.NETCore.App icon

Microsoft.NETCore.App [1232 dependencies]

A set of .NET API's that are included in the default .NET Core application model. e8b8861ac7faf042c87a5c2f9f2d04c98b69f28d When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
Retyped.Core icon

Retyped.Core [1084 dependencies]

Retyped.Core binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
System.Runtime icon

System.Runtime [966 dependencies]

Provides the fundamental primitives, classes and base classes that define commonly-used value and reference data types, events and event handlers, interfaces, attributes, and exceptions. This packages represents the core package, and provides the minimal set of types required to build a managed appl...
NLog icon

NLog [898 dependencies]

NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It can help you produce and manage high-quality logs for your application regardless of its size or complexity. This package installs NLog.dll with includes core logging functionality. For your main project also n...
Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core icon
This package contains the core runtime assemblies for ASP.NET Web API. This package is used by hosts of the ASP.NET Web API runtime. To host a Web API in IIS use the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost package. To host a Web API in your own process use the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.SelfHost package.
Microsoft.Net.Http icon

Microsoft HTTP Client Libraries [883 dependencies]

This package includes HttpClient for sending requests over HTTP, as well as HttpRequestMessage and HttpResponseMessage for processing HTTP messages. This package is not supported in Visual Studio 2010, and is only required for projects targeting .NET Framework 4.5, Windows 8, or Windows Phone 8.1 w...
Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client icon
This package adds support for formatting and content negotiation to System.Net.Http. It includes support for JSON, XML, and form URL encoded data.
RestSharp icon

RestSharp [799 dependencies]

Simple REST and HTTP API Client
Autofac icon

Autofac [794 dependencies]

Autofac is an IoC container for Microsoft .NET. It manages the dependencies between classes so that applications stay easy to change as they grow in size and complexity.
System.Linq icon

System.Linq [753 dependencies]

Provides classes and interfaces that supports queries that use Language-Integrated Query (LINQ). Commonly Used Types: System.Linq.Enumerable System.Linq.IGrouping<TKey, TElement> System.Linq.IOrderedEnumerable<TElement> System.Linq.ILookup<TKey, TElement> System.Linq.Lookup<TKey, TElement> When u...
System.Collections icon

System.Collections [731 dependencies]

Provides classes that define generic collections, which allow developers to create strongly typed collections that provide better type safety and performance than non-generic strongly typed collections. Commonly Used Types: System.Collections.Generic.List<T> System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<TK...
System.Net.Http icon

System.Net.Http [716 dependencies]

Provides a programming interface for modern HTTP applications, including HTTP client components that allow applications to consume web services over HTTP and HTTP components that can be used by both clients and servers for parsing HTTP headers. Commonly Used Types: System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessa...
System.Threading icon

System.Threading [679 dependencies]

Provides the fundamental synchronization primitives, including System.Threading.Monitor and System.Threading.Mutex, that are required when writing asynchronous code. Commonly Used Types: System.Threading.Monitor System.Threading.SynchronizationContext System.Threading.ManualResetEvent System.Thread...
WindowsAzure.Storage icon

Windows Azure Storage [648 dependencies]

This client library enables working with the Microsoft Azure storage services which include the blob and file service for storing binary and text data, the table service for storing structured non-relational data, and the queue service for storing messages that may be accessed by a client. For...