Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Nant.Builder provides a set of nant scripts that allows you simply build, version, test and deploy your solution to windows azure. See the project site for more details
a boo dsl for mspec
NUnit test decorator which samples the tests so that only a percentage of the actual tests are executed.
A bridge package allowing smooth transition from LightBDD.NUnit to LightBDD.NUnit2. After update to this version, the LightBDD.NUnit package can be removed and LightBDD.NUnit2 should be used since then.
The tool to run your NPerf performance tests
Write test cases for BDD, generate the documentation running your tests and keep it tied to your code.
Automated Cleaning Tool, allowing to reduce manual cleanup code in SetUp / TearDown methods used in test projects.
A testing module for PsMake, allowing to execute nunit/nunit3/mbunit/mstest/xunit/dotnet tests with optional coverage check
Tools package for Kekiri
Adds the source code statement which caused the assertion failure. Usage example here:
Obsolete: Use NUnitCompanion instead.
Core utility functions for web applications automation.
A library providing NUnit tests with the i-net PDFC server.
Custom constraints for NUnit.
Console tool for creating NUnit3 HTML reports
Unit Test Runner Task, contains Nunit and xunit and OpenCover
Base assembly for PageObjectModels for NUnit based projects
A set of C# specification extension methods that provide an easy to use 'testObject.Should***()' syntax for use with NUnit