Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

An unofficial packaging of Bart De Smet's Simple Service Locator. I needed one, couldn't find one on NuGet - so just whipped this up. Contact me know when an official package becomes available so that I can remove this one.
A framework that adds mixins, inversion of control, DbC, and other language features to the Common Language Runtime.
The Lifetime Scoping package adds an advanced new lifestyle called 'Lifetime Scope', which allows instances to live within an explicitly defined thread-specific scope and get disposed when this scope ends.
My package description.
Provides an Autofac enabled bootstrapper for Caliburn.Micro.
Ninject dependency resolver for SignalR
Whatever the framework, component composition works the same way: you have interfaces and concrete implementations and you need to map one against the other. The Endjin Composition Framework helps you work smarter, not harder by making component composition simple. This framework supports .NET 4.0, ...
The Execution Context Scoping package adds the 'Execution Context Scope' lifestyle, which allows instances to live within an explicitly defined execution context scope (or logical call context) and get disposed when this scope ends. This scope allows flowing through asynchronous method calls.
XML-configurable inversion of control contrainer
This package is Portable Library Project (Windows phone 8.1, Windows 8.1, Universal App, .NET Framework 4.5.1). It contains ObservableCommon class for NotifyPropertyChanged and other helper class
Facilitatates DI, IoC, Event Aggregation, and provides tools for Meta Developers, such as Reflection Extension Methods and Attribute Interpretation Services.
This handy extension allows you to define code regardless of the final IoC container, simply add the packages for the containers you wish to support.
InjectionMap.Configuration is a small extension to InjectionMap for defining mappings in the application configuration file.
Library contains wrappers for ASP.NET HttpContext class. Easy to use depedency injection for ASP .NET MVC 5 application.
Thin Di Abstraction
Aggregate services configuration infrastructure
NuClear project dependency injection infrstructore for Microsoft Unity
Inversion of Control Abstraction
Powerful dependency injector for TypeScript