Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

Simple DI for windows phone apps
Hyperbolic Solutions simple IoC framework
Property dependency manager
Go to Project Site ( at for a functional description of the TypeClassMapper class.
Hyperbolic Solutions simple IoC framework
NDI is a small dependency injection container for .NET C# projects that are small or that do not need the complexity of bigger IOC solutions.
A straight forward Dependency Injection and IoC System
StaticDotNet.DependencyInjection.Configuration provides a way to configure services outside of the Startup class.
WPF Extension
DiConstructorGeneratorExtension for Visual Studio companion library. Containins marker attributes to include\exclude class members to be used with extesnion. The extension itself is available at
Setup defaultimplementations via attributes and support simple and automatic resolution
Defaultimplementation functionality for castle windsor container.
Package Description
Load EmL related classes into the container.
Mef Bootstrapper.
Dependency Injection framework
Library exposing the 3 base interfaces for implementing IoCs
The EntLibContrib Autofac Configurator is an implementation of the IContainerConfigurator interface that allows to use Autofac as the DI container in EntLib.