Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

Autofac IOC Factory help object
Common Service Manager is an abstraction over locating and configuring services.
PhoneCore Framework is a framework which helps you to build applications on Windows Phone 7. It provides: navigation engine, DI container, aspect-oriented programming support, reach configuration subsystem, tracing engine, custom plugin manager, primitive types, MVVM Fwk features.
Common Service Manager Unity Adapter is an implementation of the Common Service Manager for Unity Application Block.
Wiring attributes used by CH.IoC.Infrastrcuture for marking up infrastructure components of a program.
Package that allows MVC routes to be created via attributes, both at the controller and action levels using the Unity IoC framework. Also includes an embedded view engine adapted from an example found at
Package that allows services to be automatically loaded with standardized endpoints. The premise is that the services you wish to host will be hosted within WAS/IIS and can be activated via HTTP, TCP, MSMQ or WebHTTP (REST).
The UnitOfWork package provides a lightweight starter kit for using the UOW, and Repository patterns with Entity Framework. It has been implemented in an easily testable way, so that you can mock data access to make testing easier.
Provides a starter kit for unit testing UOW/Repositories with EF. Compliments the UnitOfWork package.
Unify is an automatic configurator IoC container via annotations. It is based on the principle of separation of layers and can detect injections forbidden dependencies.
IfInjector is a lightweight, high performance micro-IoC container. The container is packaged as a PCL 104 library - suitable for WP7.1, Windows Store and SL4+ (MonoDroid, MonoTouch) projects. Distinguishing features are small size, speed and attribute based configuration.
My package description.
Micua Core
Allows types registration in Unity IoC container using naming conventions.
A collection of reusable abstractions for .NET application developer: caching, IoC, pagination, repository, application services, unit of work, background processing, exception trace policy, work item, etc.
Umc.Core Frameworks
Common Library to support Dependency Injection like PRISM
Unit of work framework
Core of the Saitama IoC injection framework
Unit of work framework for EntityFramework