Top 20 NuGet asynchronous Packages

Free yourself from async void! TaskMonitor is a task wrapper component helping you to deal with "fire and forget" Task (non awaited task) by implementing async/await best practices. Featuring: * Safe execution of your non awaited tasks * Delegates for all states of the loaded task * Builder patter...
A helper library for the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
AsyncFixer helps developers in finding and correcting common async/await *misuses* (i.e., anti-patterns). AsyncFixer has been tested with thousands of open-source C# apps and successfully handles many corner cases. It currently detects 5 common kinds of async/await misuses and fixes 3 of them via pr...
Binaries for the AsyncBridge library. Visit for an overview and usage examples.
Additional IAsyncEnumerable Extension Methods
A lightweight and highly scalable asynchronous WebSocket listener for .NET Core, .NET and Mono.
Easily retry your asynchronous operation
Asynchronous Log4Net appenders and forwarder
Interactive Extensions Async Providers Library used to build query providers and express queries over async enumerable sequences.
SoCreate.ServiceFabric.PubSub adds pub/sub behaviour to your Reliable Actors and Services in Service Fabric. Documentation:
A helper library for the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
Asynchronous solution import plugin for XrmToolBox
DevForce takes care of your application's infrastructure-the gap between your data-layer and client-layer where the difficult job of turning raw data into business objects and moving them to and from the client's screen takes place. DevForce fills this gap so you don't have to. Instead of building, ...
ParallelHelper is a static code analyzer that helps to identify concurrency related issues. Moreover, it provides hints to improve the robustness of code with concurrency in mind.
A cross-platform, fully asynchronous fork of the popular PetaPoco micro-ORM. Supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server CE. Runs on .NET Framework (4.5 and above), .NET Core (1.0 and 2.0), Mono, Xamarin (iOS, Mac, and Android), and UWP.
Create and compose complex asynchronous behavior in .Net.
A pure-javascript integration tester for AngularJS that can be run inline with application code. Written by Matias Niemelä and offered from Breeze Labs with his kind permission. This package adds a single file, "ngMidwayTester.js" to your project's "scripts" folder. See the author's post, "Full-Sp...
Asynchronous Object-Oriented SQL Wrapper
This package enables Visual Studio 2012 projects to use the new 'async' and 'await' keywords. This package also includes Task-based extension methods that allow using some of the existing asynchronous APIs with the new language keywords. Windows Phone Silverlight 8 projects can use this package to g...
C# LINQ Async extension methods library for async/await task.