Top 20 NuGet asynchronous Packages

An async implementations of delegate command and other base common classes for WPF.
Interactive Extensions Async Providers Library used to build query providers and express queries over async enumerable sequences.
Interactive Extensions Async Library used to express queries over asynchronous enumerable sequences.
A powerful framework for .NET based on Automas and Tools that communicate with messages and events. The execution is asynchronous, multithreaded and follow every Automa's behavior. Each behavior is defined by attributes.
Strike Media Asynchronous Framework
Core objects to help streaming with an asynchronous WCF service and ASP.NET Web API.
iwhen, Immediate Promises for TypeScript 0.8.3
This library contains types that contain common information for any functionality that operates over a network, and is configurable.
C# client-side rate limiting utility. Features: * Easy to use * Fully asynchronous: lower resource usage than thread sleep * Cancellable via CancellationToken * Thread safe so you can share time contraints object to rate limit diferent threads using the same resource * Composable: ability to compos...
Asynchronous solution import plugin for XrmToolBox