Top 20 NuGet api Packages

OmniCX WebStore Core contains the Controllers, API SDK and Models required to run the MVC Views of the WebStore (Use only for Kiddies)
Twilio REST API helper library
Provides capabilities for easily integrating logging when building Web APIs running in Azure.
Authentication, in-game commerce, player data, title data, inventory, characters, statistics, leaderboards, analytics and reporting, friends, multiplayer, matchmaking, tournaments, cloud script, trading, real-time event handling, player management, live ops, and server hosting for all major platform...
SDK library for accessing MyGeotab customer databases
The DocuSign NuGet package makes integrating DocuSign into your apps and websites a super fast and painless process. The library is open sourced on GitHub, look for the docusign-csharp-client repository. Join the eSign revolution!
A simple C# async TCP server and client with integrated framing for reliable transmission and receipt of data
A .NET library to interface with the PureCloud Public API
A client api for banking service.
This is a portable library for consuming the WordPress REST-API in (almost) any .NET application.
WatsonWebsocket is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to build client and server applications that rely on messaging using websockets. It's. Really. Easy.
Official .NET SDK for Fortnox API. This package is on behalf of Fortnox AB developed and maintained by Softwerk AB. For more information please visit our repository on Github.
Simple wrapper for TCP client and server in C# with SSL support
Tweetinvi is an intuitive .NET C# library to access the Twitter REST API. It is a .NET Core library that can be used for development in ASP.NET, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS and Windows 10 Universal Apps.
Restores Newtonsoft.JSON as the default serializer for RestSharp.
Binance.Net is a .Net wrapper for the Binance API, including Binance Futures. It includes all features the API provides, REST API and Websocket, using clear and readable objects including but not limited to Reading market info, Placing and managing orders and Reading balances and funds
GraphQL for .NET
Google Places, Maps, Roads, Search and Translate. Requests and Responses are complete with Google api documentation and references.
Portable class library for accessing the Dropbox v2 API
EO.Pdf for .NET is a set of .NET components for you to easily create, read or modify PDF file in your Microsoft.NET application (both ASP.NET Web application and traditional Windows application). It also includes a powerful HTML to PDF converter that can handle almost everything a Web browser can ha...