Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

SharpRepository is a generic repository library
A generic repository implementation using the MongoDB C# Sharp 2.0 driver.
A lightweight back-end framework and utilities kit based on MongoDB/Redis
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for EventStore
Easy read and write in your DB Simple to use: only 2 lines of code to read and write in SqlServer table! DataManager DM = new DataManager("dbname", "catalog", "username", "password"); DataTable res = DM.getAllRecords Datatable ("table to read"); Thats all! More here htt...
A polyglot library to help POCO objects work with both NoSQL and SQL databases at the same time on .NET Standard 2.0
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
A dynamic, lightweight, efficient and very fast Hybrid ORM library for .NET.
Provides common classes for using Microsoft Entity Framework in DevAccelerate libraries.
Reposify in-memory implementation for testing.
Reposify NHibernate implementation.
The package provides classes for Entity Framework Core.
Middle layer framework to compose functions such as "clone", "compare", "serialize" etc using "navigation expressions" and provide some abstractions missed in standard framework ("repository", "buffered conditional logging", etc.).
Provides all the basic interfaces for the most common cross-cutting concerns such as configuration, caching, logging, exception handling, and entity management.
A generic C# .Net Repository with a primary focus on testability.
This library contains an EventStoreDomainRepository based on a DomainRepository base class contained in 'Evento' library. The two libraries combined are used to build Event Sourced components interacting with EventStore database
Provide Mongo database store for ServerSideAnalytics
Provides an extension method for registering SqlRepoEx components in IoC container using Microsoft Dependency Injection (Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection)
Provides an Autofac module to simplify the registration of components in IoC For MySQL