Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

SharpRepository is a generic repository library
API Client for the Qlik Repository Main API
A polyglot library to help POCO objects work with both NoSQL and SQL databases at the same time on .NET Standard 2.0
Library and pattern for creating a scalable, loosely coupled service layer. Build interdependent services that are granular and testable. Inject a single client that allows the application to access the entire service layer. Provision services across multiple providers and transports with almost ...
A dynamic, lightweight, and fast repository-based ORM .NET Library.
Common functionality for .Net applications - generic repository interface, helper methods for working with attributes, built-in types, etc.
AutoClutch.AutoRepo is a simple generic repository for Entity Framework 6 that can be used to save you coding time when creating a data layer.
A lightweight back-end framework and utilities kit based on MongoDB/Redis
SharpRepository generic repository implemented storing elements in memory (in repository object)
EntityFramework.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFramework best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
SharpRepository generic repository implementation for Entity Framework 1.1 and 2
The package provides interfaces and classes for MongoDB.
The package provides classes for Entity Framework Core.
A set of data oriented patterns that can simplify managing your game data with OpenRpg
Configures Autofac to resolve IRepository as the right configured implementation of SharpRepository
Configures Structurmap to resolve IRepository as the right configured implementation of SharpRepository
SharpRepository generic repository implemented in MongoDb
The package provides interfaces for generic repositories.
SharpRepository generic repository implemented with Entity Framework 6
Autumn.Mvc.Data is aspNet Core extension that will make it easier for you to write your REST Data Repository APIs. Its purpose is to convert a query in RSQL format to lamba expression and to provide a pagination mechanism. Install it and test it!