Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

Utility classes and methods for using AdaptiveClient to work with DBContext and other Entity Framework Core objects. Build loosely coupled services, readily accessible via a lightweight façade. Easily build your service layer to use multiple providers (MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite) with no additional infra...
LeadPipe.Net.Data.NHibernate.CastleWindsor is a comprehensive pre-built data implementation package that uses NHibernate and provides implementations of a repository, the query object pattern, and unit of work pattern. This package provides easy component registration for Castle Windsor users. ...
The package Provides a solution for the Repository and UnitOfWork patterns together with inversition of control. On the project site there are examples of Autofact, Castle.Windsor, Ninject, Simpleinjector, StructureMap, and Unity integration. The IoC framework is not an issue... It is ment to...
This offical URF framework minimizes the surface area of your ORM technlogy from disseminating in your application. Framework provides an elegant way to implement a reusable and extensible Unit of Work and Repository pattern.
Yet Another Repository for .Net
Yarn MongoDB Provider
eQuantic Core Data Class Library
Core Data library for Entity Framework
IdeaStudio AspNetCore BaseControllers
Injects SharpRepository using StructureMap in your .NET Core apps or even using Microsoft.DependencyInjection library.
SharpRepository generic repository implementation for Entity Framework 1.1 and 2
Provides strong types and repository access for mongo DB and Azure Cosmos DB, which is both weak typed. You can have all the sources with examples from here:
Provides static wrapper for repository factory for those who cannot or do not want to use dependency injection
The package is a part of Saritasa Tools project. Saritasa.Tools.EfCore1 contains implementations for unit of work, repository interfaces.
An easily configurable repository for MongoDB with support for multi-tenancy
Package Description
Customization of methods to facilitate queries to the mongoDB NoSQL database. This package is for applications developed on the .NET platform. Compiled in .NET Standard 2.0. This package was created for the exclusive use of iBeach Brasil. Its evolution and maintenance will be made to meet the need...
SharpRepository generic repository implemented in RavenDb 3.5
Repository, unit of work and related patterns interfaces
Utitlity methods for working with DBContext. Resolve DBContext from EndPoint, create database, apply migrations, drop database.