Top 20 NuGet xamarin-forms Packages

Xamarin Forms UI effects. Release notes:
Provides support for Xamarin.Forms projects.
Create your own DisplayAlerts using XAML, or use the DisplayAlerts,LoaderDialogs and LoginViews that's included! Powered by AsyncAwaitBestPractices and Rg.Plugins.Popup
Xamarin Form helper for install application
Cross Platform Clipboard access for Xamarin Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, UWP, Gtk#
This library provides interfaces and examples to assist the programmer in building pages, views and view models that respond to changes in object lifecycle. It integrates perfectly with the Smart DI Container, though does not depend on that library.
NetStandard rewrite of the PCL Storage plugin
Provides a simple WrapLayout for Xamarin.Forms applications.
Xamarin.Forms Prism Pages with SetAutowireViewModel, MVVM View Model Base classes, services, extensions etc
Netstandard/PCL/Win10 Xamarin.Forms views, converters, pages and services such as bindable picker and a modal view
The library include some objects and methods which may be used frequently
A clean and lightweight MVVM framework for WPF, UWP and Xamarin.Forms inspired by MVVM Light Toolkit.
NetStandard implementation of the Bing Speech API (Speech-To-Text) from Microsoft Cognitive Services
Simple Http and Object caching
NetStandard implementation of actions that you can do on a Contact: Call, Sms, Email
Validations library for ReactiveUI Built against: 9.11.1
Xamarin Forms UI effects. Release notes:
Allows you to bind click commands to elements Xamarin.Forms