Top 20 NuGet xamarin-forms Packages

This library provides interfaces and examples to assist the programmer in building pages, views and view models that respond to changes in object lifecycle. It integrates perfectly with the Smart DI Container, though does not depend on that library.
A Xamarin Forms binding of Yalantis's FoldingTabBar library
Custom controls for Xamarin.Forms
A lightweight starter project kit for Xamarin Forms.
Microsoft Face Id wrapper library built using [WebClient] to enable progress reporting for Face Id API calls plus full encapsulation of the API requests entities and results into strongly typed objects for easier use.
A fast & simple radio button for Xamarin.Forms.
Xamlly is a controls library for Xamarin.Forms, written entirely in XAML.
Fork project
SkiaSharp extensions for create draws draws on XAML
This package give you many must have libraries in one shot.
This plug-in lets you print to the paired bluetooth printer
Package Description
An altered version of the Xamarin Android binding of Yalantis's FoldingTabBar library. This is used for Xamarin Forms
This library contains connector for xamarin forms.
A clean and lightweight MVVM framework for WPF, UWP and Xamarin.Forms inspired by MVVM Light Toolkit.