Top 20 NuGet WEB Packages

AttributeRouting for ASP.NET Web API lets you specify routes using attributes on your API controllers and actions.
An SQLite resource provider for RESTar. For Starcounter or later
An OData 4.0 protocol provider for RESTar. For Starcounter or later
Add the ProtoBuf binary format and endpoint to a ServiceStack web service host.
Application Insights Performance Counters Collector allows you to send data collected by Performance Counters to Application Insights. Application Insights Performance Counters Collector is supported for .NET FX 4.0 and later. Privacy statement:
Extension for Ninject providing integration with ASP.NET MVC WebAPI 2 web host
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.RabbitMq
EO.WebBrowser.Wpf provides the WPF version of the WebControl.
Adds Cofoundry features to a website, including access to content, pages and media, but excluding any content administration. To add content administration use the Cofoundry.Admin package.
Adds the Cofoundry admin panel to a website.
Genesys Source Framework CRUD Data Access Object classes for ASP.NET Core MVC, Web API Core, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android and .NET Standard libraries.
eShopWorld common web artefacts
Genesys Source Framework Interop for your business entities and models. Genesys Framework is a full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution that runs in Windows, Web and Mobile..
Amazon Web Services .NET Standard Extentions
A Chromium-based WPF/WinForms component that can be embedded into your .NET application to display modern web pages built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Silverlight etc. To be able to use DotNetBrowser, you should obtain a licence by filling a form at
Core utilities for Freya Routers
Polyfills for future/draft elements of the OWIN standards for various server implementations
Core utilities for Freya Optics