NuGet Package Syncfusion ReportDesigner server-side helper for Essential JS 1 ASP.NET MVC

This is a legacy package for embedding Syncfusion Report Designer in your ASP.NET MVC web application.

Please use the BoldReports.Mvc5 package for new projects.

The Syncfusion EJ Report Designer is a server-side helper package used to build reports compatible with ASP.NET Web API service. Essential JS 1 Report Designer control can be integrated with ASP.NET MVC platforms through this helper.

Key features:
• Supports popular data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC.
• Built-in SQL Query designer with a convenient user interface to create and view relationships between tables easily.
• A rich selection of built-in report items, including charts, grids, pivot grids, subreports, textboxes, images, lines, and rectangles for better visual representation of data.
• All available report items can easily be arranged and configured through an effective design area.
• Options to add input parameters in custom queries or stored procedures and dynamically change the parameter values in the report viewer.
• Built-in expression editor that creates expressions with RDL report standard to perform additional operations such as mathematical computation, conditional formatting, inspection, conversions, and more.
• Various editing capabilities for report items.
• All static texts within the report designer can be localized to any desired language.
• Built-in themes for enhancing the appearance.

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Author(s): Syncfusion Inc.
Last Update: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
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Install-Package Syncfusion.ReportDesigner.AspNet.Mvc5
dotnet add package Syncfusion.ReportDesigner.AspNet.Mvc5
paket add Syncfusion.ReportDesigner.AspNet.Mvc5
Syncfusion.ReportDesigner.AspNet.Mvc5 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)