Top 20 NuGet umbraco Packages

A library for enabling ASP.Net Identity to work with Umbraco front-end members
A library for enabling ASP.Net Identity to work with Umbraco front-end members
Library with common purpose functionality for working with Umbraco.
Small package introducing a feedback module for Umbraco 7.
MBran Content Module is an Umbraco plugin that let developers create a clean code and reusable modules rather than a template-based page rendering. It aims to set a coding standard for module content, minimize hard-coded partial view paths and provide an easier and cleaner way to write business logi...
Requires previous installation of UmbracoCms. Installs Umbraco Starter Kit in your Visual Studio ASP.NET project. Including generic partials, base RenderMVCControllers, QUnit Samples,robots.txt,Web.Config transformations to allow ModelsBuilder to generate Strongly typed DocTypes mo...
This package makes it possible to create and manage rules inside umbraco to hide tabs or properties for specific user groups
Provides some tools to use with Umbraco.
A Content App for Umbraco which lets you see the meta data of your file such as GPS and Camera details.
This package implements a property editor that allows you to easily insert items that support the oEmbed protocol
Updates local links as part of translation process
Mentor Web Blocks adds drag and drop website building functionality for content editors, and excellent code encapsulation for developers. For Developers The Web Blocks system has been developed to encapsulate code for each block in a re-usable and loosely coupled way. Blocks can now makes use of P...
Archetype for Umbraco
Member export helps you exporting Umbraco members to an Excel or csv file. One installed it adds a new folder to the Members section. Member export PRO can export thousands of members in seconds, you can export directly to Excel and you can save your export options for later use. If yo...
An Umbraco plugin to add an OAuth API endpoint to allow authenticated Members/Users via OAuth
Umbraco package that helps you test package migrations without having to install a complete package over and over again. Simply install this package. Select the package name from an overview select the migration you want to test and use up/down to test the migrations.
Koben.Kompair.Dashboard is an Umbraco dashboard for the Koben.Kompair library.
Hangfire scheduled tasks for Umbraco 8
An OCR Content App for Umbraco which gives you an OCR tab to read text from an image. This uses Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.
Umbraco CMS Datatype - Document Type Picker