Top 20 NuGet umbraco Packages

Vega IT’s uSitebuilder is an open source (LPGL) framework created for .NET developers to accelerate and streamline their Umbraco based development projects.
Package for integration with Skybrud.Social and the Umbraco 8 backoffice.
Merchello - Provides testing base classes for extending Merchello
Skybrud.UmbracoModule is a library used by for standard modules functionality.
This package adds a new section to your Umbraco installation which allows you to view your Google Analytics statistical information directly inside Umbraco, without having to open a new tab or window.
Google Maps Property Editor
Form builder editor for Umbraco 7
Form builder editor for Umbraco 7
Archetype Courier extension for Umbraco
After installing this package you get a new dashboard in the developer section that displays your loadbalancing setup type and the registered servers
An Umbraco 7.3+ Datatype & Grid Editor for searching Youtube / Vimeo videos to insert and simple embedding videos into your site allowing users to configure thier video options
This package will add a tree to the developer section called "Config Files". It will list all of the *.config files in your ~/config folder. These can all be modified in the editor provided.
Lets you specify one or more document types that will be excluded from Umbraco-generated URLs, thus making them "invisible". Those can be used as grouping nodes and they will not appear as part of the URL.
Leaflet Provider for Terratype, an Umbraco map datatype
Bing Map Provider for Terratype, an Umbraco map datatype
A simple and intuitive package which allows editors to find and replace content in Umbraco.
Umbraco data type prevalue editor
Umbraco text count data type wrapper for text editors
The member import provider that uses Memberservice API instead of member objects. This package requires that CMSImport is installed on Umbraco 7.5+.
A security package for Umbraco. Lock down an Umbraco website from viewers. Only users who are logged into the backoffice can see the public website.