Top 20 NuGet umbraco Packages

Umbraco 301 Redirect Manager for the Umbraco Back-Office
Simple property editor that works as an alternative to the core true/false datatype.
A fluent CRUD user interface generator for Umbraco
Microsoft Translation API Provider for Translation Manager for Umbraco
uSync content mapper for DIS/PLAY Umbraco Embedded Content.
Dictionary key editor
Umbraco backoffice property editor that is a wrapper for the excellent International Telephone Input JQuery Plugin to enable an editor to enter a telephone number in the correct format for a particular International location - using flags.
A page view tracker for Umbraco
Adds a richtext field to Umbraco forms similar to title
Xliff 1.2 and Xliff 2.0 Connector for Translation Manager for Umbraco
Microsoft translation text api Connector for Translation Manager for Umbraco
Buzz.Hybrid is paired down version of the awesome Hybrid-Framework for Umbraco developed by Jeroen Breuer and Jeavon.
A YouTube video picker for Umbraco.
CMS Environment Indicator - Displays a colour coded indicator based on which CMS environment you are viewing.
Umbraco Trace Log viewer for the Umbraco 7.3 Back-Office
A plugin for umbraco to allow users to duplicate nodes of content. Once instaled users should be able to right click on any content node and choose to duplicate that node a specified number of times.
This is a simple dropdown box loaded with font awesome icons. The labels are unicode , while the values are the class name.
Char limit property editor for Umbraco 7+
Our.Shield.Core is the Framework for Our.Shield Security package for the Umbraco Cms
A Utility to extract the Video ID and other metadata from a given YouTube / Vimeo URL. This is also the core DLL to be used by Umbraco Visualizer.