Top 20 NuGet umbraco Packages

Library with common purpose functionality for working with .NET.
Vorto - 1:1 multilingual property editor wrapper for Umbraco
Doc Type Grid Editor is an advanced grid editor for Umbraco 8
Create DocTypes, DataTypes and MediaTypes for Umbraco 7 using code-first approach.
Mediaprotect helps you protect media in the same simple way as you protect documents. Once the package is installed and you protect certain media, or content nodes the files will be password protected. Only authenticated members can open the files, otherwise members will be redirected to the login s...
Merchello - Open source eCommerce package for Umbraco
Diplo Audit Log Viewer for Umbraco CMS allows you to easily view and search the content and audit data that is stored in your Umbraco 8 site's umbracoLog and umbracoAudit tables. It creates a custom tree within the Settings that lets you view the contents of both those tables and presents the...
Files to extend Formulate to interact with Umbraco Deploy.
Umbraco extending lib, dealer management in Umbraco Backoffice. 1.Install this component via VS NuGet. 2.Publish and Install Umbraco Site. 3.Import data in ueDealer.sql file in /App_Data. 4.Add Assign access for user group. 5.You can use it!!!
Installs files/classes to help with ASP.Net Identity extensibility for Umbraco back office and Azure ActiveDirectory
Addon for UI-O-Matic that allows you to build types from a UI and generate frontend forms
Inner Content is a helper package for other Doc Type based property editors
Inner Content is a helper package for other Doc Type based property editors
Stacked Content is an Umbraco property-editor for creating stacked content blocks.
Store media files in Azure Storage You have to configure the file system provider for your Azure Storage Account in umbraco /config in file FileSystemProviders.config. This package installs a sample config file: ~/Config/FileSystemProviders-sample.config
Umbraco backoffice extension to add Redirects to the core Redirect Url Management dashboard, and view any redirects setup for a page.
Enhanced Translation tools for Umbraco 8
ByUmbraco is a helper to use with Umbraco
Lucene-based Full-text Search Indexing for Umbraco websites.
The Linked Nodes Content App provides a quick overview of which content and media nodes link to the current node.