Top 20 NuGet thread Packages

A library that provides simplified threaded and non-threaded execution of SQL statements. It can be used to expose an interface to Microsoft Excel clients, providing threaded, async operations to a single-thread application.
A library of functions built with .NET designed for reuse in Excel VSTO-based application, but also exposable to VBA through the facade pattern.
Monitorador de Threads
A set of useful and powerful collection classes.
ModuleContainer is a simple to use plugin or module system. (C# - Source file). Note: this nuget package contains c# source code and depends on .Net 4.5.
Represents a single threading synchronization.
An implementation for using thread data store.
A set of classes to simplify creation of multithreaded applications
OpenShare.Net Common Library. Many common extension methods for making life simple from IEnumerable, Impersonation, String, WCF Services to Encryption. See source code on Github by using the project url.
OpenShare.Net Threading Library. ConcurrentCache is a new in-memory cache system that is generically typed to IDictionary and is thread safe. Client Pool is generically typed and plays well with TPL (Task Parallel Library) for any disposable clients. See source code on Github by using the project ur...
Quick State Machine for handling states with dedicated class, simple and elegant.
A better implemented Thread Pool for C#.
Schedule task in a procedure queue
A powerful framework for .NET based on Automas and Tools that communicate with messages and events. The execution is asynchronous, multithreaded and follow every Automa's behavior. Each behavior is defined by attributes.
Provide a simple way to deal with async jobs.
WebServices Dynamic
Threadsafe library for the DataGridView control. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at:
ThreadBasedJobQueue Helps you to run Parallel Jobs in controled environment
Thread safe random number generator
An obsessively simple and performant library for protecting critical sections.