Top 20 NuGet thread Packages

A package containing several async and thread related utilities.
An extension to Jeuxjeux20.Mvvm, which provides useful tools to use Application.Dispatcher and SynchronizationContext
Analogue BackgroundWorker allows you to calculate each task and stop execution at any level.
Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class.
Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing allows to write unit tests with multiple threads to test the concurrency behavior of components. It has synchronization mechanisms to control the workflow of the threads and to record the execution steps. It is also possible to use it for client/server tests. ...
This is an event logger that manages events based on client IDs, able to transcend multiple threads.
A thread-safe static class that wraps System.Random for generating pseudo-random numbers.
A library for unit testing Serilog log events in concurrent testing frameworks.
Contains classes to help with threading programming. This library contains code from part of Wintellect's PowerThreading library
Unitysync.Async is a library of extension methods that lets you preform async continuations on Task/Task<T> Types. Allowing you to non-blockingly call async methods on the Unity3D main thread and continue on the Unity3D main thread when the Task/Task<T> is completed.
Helpers for asynchronous programming
support multi session factory and mvc3.
Small thread safe embedded key value pair persistent repository for .NET.
An MvvmLight helper for calling RaisePropertyChanged on the UI thread from a PCL. See Project Site for instructions.
Modern, powerful open source C++ class libraries for building network- and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server, mobile and embedded systems.
Foundation - Platform abstraction: Eases porting issues of fundamental types, etc. - Memory management: RAII, auto_ptr, reference counting garbage collection, etc. - String utilities - Error handling: Extended exception classes - streams: Encoding and decoding and filtering support - threads: Concu...
Provides strong-typed persistence of data in Thread local storage, which can also be transient and automatically removed on dispose. Usage: Thread.CurrentThread.SetData<Foo>(foo); var saved = Thread.CurrentThread.GetData<Foo>();
Tests for netfx-System.Threading.ThreadData
Contains all models required for doing the exercises of the Modern Development workshop involving Visual Studio, C# and WPF with XAML.