Top 20 NuGet simple Packages

A lightweight C#.Net library to lets you easily program all the features of Amazon SWF (Simple Workflow Service).
Simple Query. ORM Very Easy to use. All CRUD operations. Dapper and ORM in the same place
Package Description
Simple API for Azure Storage
Simple C# caching library including a FIFO and LRU cache
A simple and fast contractless RPC library for .NET and .NET Core, over IServiceCollection
This package contains all you need to define SBE messages and generate C# encoders and decoders. See for more detailed instructions
Weather forecast for Yahoo Weather Apps api Sing in and create App so easly
SimplyTyped is a .NET library that allows simple, strongly typed access to AWS SimpleDB domains. It wraps the `AWSSDK.SimpleDB` library, and exposes the functionality it offers with a simple, strongly-typed, asynchronous API.
Package Description
Package Description
A .NET Standard library that provides compatibility support for using ExtendableEnums with Simple.OData.Client.
Easy to Use Convention Based Caching Library
An RabbitMQ implementation of RDS.CaraBus
Easy to Use SQL Server Script Management Library
HealthChecks.Aws.S3 is the health check package for S3 Buckets and files.
A set of common classes and extensions used to help RAD process