Top 20 NuGet simple Packages

Simple Data Access Layer
Simple API for Azure Storage
Weather forecast for Yahoo Weather Apps api Sing in and create App so easly
A library for .NET that extends IceLink to create peer-to-peer data streams from Simple clients. (Community Edition)
Used with SimpleLogging, this provides you with a quick, simple and easy way to log messages with NLog. A common use of this is to send messages to an NLog viewer like Sentinel to get live (streamed) logging messages. Also includes a simple way to programatically turn on/off an NLogViewTar...
Very simple and easy testable (TDD) hierarchical state machine. Only 3 simple steps needed. 1) Define triggers (enum) 2) Create states (IState) 3) Implement configurator (IBascoConfigurator)
King.Azure.Data Class Library
SimpleSitemap is a lite library that helps you create web sitemaps for collections or lists of items. These sitemaps follow the Sitemap Protocol. Both sitemapindex and urlset links are generated, based upon the data collection size and 'page size'. Examples of this could be a list of your users, ...
Written over MySql.Data, a simpiler way to use MySql in .NET Standard. Allows easy database connection and reading queried results while maintaining the disposable objects and providing access to all default MySql.Data objects.
Simple-config is an extensible, convention-based XML to C# binder, specifically designed to easily bind custom config sections without the need to write any config handlers or sections. Simply by performing a cast to the required type, SimpleConfig will perform all required mapping, without the use...
A Simple Plug-In to Clone CRM Records from one Environment to another. Just hit the "Email a Link" Button and copy/paste the URL.
Easy to Use Convention Based Caching Library
A easy to use, easy to implent, IRC library with DCC (Download) support for C#. See for more information:
Index engine is a simple indexer written in C# using Sqlite as a storage repository.
This is a basic rest client for interacting with APIs. It offers the basic functions and is compatable with .net standard 2.0 and .net core 2.0.
A simple and fast update manager library for WinForm applications.
A .NET Standard library that provides compatibility support for using ExtendableEnums with Simple.OData.Client.
Package Description
A simple single series ready-made chart WPF window which launches in a separate thread. Built on top of LiveCharts