Top 20 NuGet simple Packages

Pacote Auxiliar de BM.Data. Documentações em breve.
Simple logger that puts to console, file and debug console. Keeps track of class the logger was called from.
Code eXtensions
A simple library to parse strings into expressions and then evaluate it on a source object.
A simple utility library
jquery bootstrap form element validation
This is an implementation of the IoC Abstractions for Simple IoC. The IoC Abstractions represent an abstraction layer for multiple IoC containers. Using the abstractions, applications can use an inversion of control container for dependency injection, without directly seeing the underlying API. This...
Request will be authorized when the Authorization Header will have a matching token in the configured list in the web.config
A simple logger library written at first for Computator.NET. Now free of any bounds to previous software. Read usage info here:
Simple syntactic sugar for ConfigurationManager
Simple FIO and Address Structs
Easily manage configuration within your .net application
Created to be used in internal load-tests to mock some http services Developed with these requirements in mind: * No admin-rights necessary * Concurrency * Easy to mock responses with funcs or with custom IHttpHandlerMock Cons: * It is small, so only simplified handler exists - which supports mockin...
A Simplification of the HttpClient for the dotnet core framework, currently only supports sending synchronous requests
Simple.Net is a component with simple methods to make coding... Simple!
Minimal fast zLib compatible library to compress or uncompress streams.
Simple .NET Core 2.0 database migrator for SQL Server.
Simple .NET Core 2.0 database migrator for PostgreSQL.
Core components of Exodus - simple database migrator for .NET Core 2.0.